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Dental fees and finance

Take a look at our price list

At Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester, our caring team aims to look after all patients and care for their needs in the best possible way.

Our Fees

Providing you with value for your money

  • General dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Preventative treatments

  • Restorative treatments 

  • Facial aesthetic skin treatments 

Please contact Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester for more details and for aesthetic treatment prices

  • Assessment and Consultations
    Examination (Existing & New Patient): £45 Emergency Appointment: £45 Prescription: £10 Full Case Orthodontic Assessment: £85 Cosmetic Consultation: £50 Implant Consultation: £50 Periodontal disease: From £75 Radiographs: £5 (each)
  • Preventative Treatments
    Hygienist/Deep Clean (Scale and Polish + Airflow treatment) 30 min: £75 Hygienist/Deep Clean (Scale and Polish + Airflow Treatment) 45 min: £90 Hygienist/Deep Clean (Scale and Polish + Airflow Treatment) 60 min: £140 Periodontal Treatment: From £200 Periodontic Review & Oral Hygiene Instructions: Included with Hygienist Appointments. Fissure Sealants per tooth: £30
  • Root canal treatment
    Single rooted tooth: From £280 Premolar tooth: From £320 Molar tooth: From £480 Re-Root Canal treatment: Subject to Assessment
  • Extractions
    Simple Extraction: £100 Posterior Extraction: £120 Surgical Extraction: £165 Complex Extraction: £180 Advanced Surgical Extraction: Subject to Assessment
  • Composite Bonding / Veneers
    Smile Trial: £250 Composite Bonding (per tooth): From £280 Porcelain Veneer: From £500 Composite Veneer: From £450 Ultra Thin Veneer: From £650
  • Dentures
    Acrylic Dentures: From £520 Chrome Dentures: From £940 Temporary Denture: From £250 Addition of teeth to a denture: From £80 Denture Repair: From £85 Denture Re-Line: From £100
  • Crowns and Bridges
    Full Metal Crown: From £380 Porcelain Crown: From £550 Inlay: From £335 Onlay: From £335 Bridges(per tooth): From £600 Re-cement Crown: From £50 Re-cement Bridge: From £60
  • Dental Implants
    Dental Implant Consultation: £70 Dental Implant placement: From £1100 Dental Implant Porcelain Crown: From £750 Dental Implant Zirconia Crown: From £850 Bone Graft: From £400 Sinus Lift: From £1200
  • Facial Aesthetics
    Frown Lines, Forehead, Crow's Feet: £320 Lower Face, Jaw Line: £150 Masseter/Bruxism: £385 Botox (1 area): £200 Botox (2 areas): £265 Facial/Dermal Fillers: £300/ml Additional Facial Fillers: £245/ml
  • Teeth whitening
    Advanced In surgery: £350 Home kit: £300 Internal Whitening (per tooth): From £199 Combination treatment (In Surgery + Home Kit): £575 Top Up kit: £120
  • Fillings
    Temporary filling (Glass Ionomer): From £60 Composite Filling One Surface: £100 Composite Filling Two Surfaces: £140 Composite Filling Three Surfaces: £175 Cosmetic Composite Filling: £210 Cosmetic Build ups/ Black Triangles/ Tooth Gap: From £200
  • Specialised treatment
    Icon treatment: From £100/tooth Composite bonding: From £220/tooth Teeth alignment (straightening): From £2000
  • Retainers and mouthguards
    Retainer: From £140 Nightguard: From £285 Mouthguard: From £200

Finance options

Easy monthly instalments

No Interest

 At Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics, we offer finance for anything over £250 and 0% interest. This can be split into 3, 6, 10 and 12 month instalments.

"Excellent caring practice serving the local community. My son and I have been treated here for years and we are very happy with the treatment and warm, friendly dental staff. Dr Ray has a very gentle touch, never painful and always makes sure we feel comfortable and at ease. They never do unnecessary treatments either, like some dentists I have been to in the past. Highly recommended."

- Arya

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Contact our specialist team at Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester for more information about our fees and deposit policy. Send us an email and include your phone number, or fill in the form. We'll be back in touch within 24 hours.

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