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General and cosmetic dentistry

Restorative and preventative treatments

Choose Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics. We have been providing professional and reliable dental services in Rochester since 2005.

Traditional and aesthetic treatments

We offer general and cosmetic dentistry, including preventative and restorative treatments, such as teeth straightening - clear smile aligner and invisible braces.

Contact Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester to get more information about our dental services, aesthetic treatments and prices.

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What we offer

Top quality dental work

Our dentistry services include teeth whitening, veneers, crown work and root canal treatment. We also deal with denture requirements and invisible dental braces.

It's not just your teeth that we help protect - we also provide gum treatments and we offer mercury-free, tooth coloured fillings.

Contact our skilled team at Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester.

Emergency dentists

Do you have toothache?

At Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics, we're happy to accept customers in need of emergency dental treatment. We place your relief and comfort as a top priority.

We also sell boosters, fillers, skincare and whitening products. We are policy-compliant with all relevant organisations.

Q. Are we registering NHS patients?
A. We register patients on the NHS if they're over the age of 18 and entitled to free dental treatment. Everyone else will be private.



Contact Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester to discuss how we can help you.

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"Receptionist was very helpful and the dentist I saw today was professional and gentle. Great place if you have anxiety issues about going to the dentist."

- M.J.

Do you need general or cosmetic dentistry services?

Contact Dr Rashmi Ray Dental & Facial Aesthetics in Rochester for teeth whitening services, plus emergency dental work and more.

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